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Since the Rana Plaza disaster, the government has taken steps to strengthen the Directorate of Inspection for Factories and Establishments, which is responsible for monitoring work place safety and compliance, and has hired more inspectors. But Human Rights Watch found that much more remains to be done to strengthen the ability of the Ministry of Labour and Employment to effectively investigate and prosecute unfair labor practices, including anti-union discrimination, intimidation, and harassment Smax site de rencontre pour pc, and ensure inspectors strictly follow the law.

For instance, in one Dhaka-based factory, female union leaders faced threats, abuse, and dramatically increased workloads after they submitted union registration forms. In interviews with Human Rights Watch, six women who helped set up the union all said they were harassed for having sought to register, and one even said she received threats at home: Many international garment brands and retailers have company codes of conduct that require suppliers to Banglabesh fuking sex the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, and factory managers have said that they comply with these codes. But despite these Banglabesh fuking sex, workers in factories told Human Rights Watch that many abuses and violations are simply not noticed, or are ignored, by the monitors inspecting factories by or on behalf of buyers.

Factory owners and the companies buying their products have responsibilities to prevent human rights violations from occurring in the garment factories. They should take effective steps to identify and mitigate human rights risks, and should take remedial action should abuses occur. International apparel companies and clothing retailers should also agree to supply chain transparency and regularly and publicly disclose all Bangladesh-based factories from which they source. Three separate initiatives to inspect the factories for safety are underway, by the Accord on Fire and Building Safety, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, and by government inspectors, supported by the ILO.

However, more remains to be done to adequately support the victims of the collapse of Rana Plaza and the deadly fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory. Survivors told Human Rights Watch that the compensation they have received until now is not sufficient to pay their medical bills and cover their loss of livelihood. For victims of the Tazreen fire, the situation is much worse in the absence of a sustained campaign for compensation, such as in the case of the Rana Plaza collapse. However, several other companies have paid nothing, claiming the factory was making or storing their products without their knowledge or authorization. The industry, which includes more than 4, factories of various sizes, has a crucial role in alleviating poverty in Bangladesh.

However, the rapid growth, as well as the failure of the Bangladesh government to enforce its building and labor regulations, resulted in worker abuse and many unsafe and poorly constructed factories. She was beaten on her head and on her back. Let me sit in my chair, relaxed, and watch you fetch. Down on your knees. Bring me my napkin. Hold it in your mouth. Feel the edges of my stiff cock held tight in my pants as you lay the cloth across my lap. All through dinner, I am anxious. Staring at your tits. I am waiting for us to be done.

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