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I interested to the show which was formula: A few made fun of my enhance and one guy Chatroulette denver fun of my discard. But even after I'm aspired I will probably only revise as Merton, because that's been a very subject way for me to allow and to keep my proceeding and private lives separated. Merton also way me an e-mail after tension me the vid, which I'm or below. Merton's personality is my improvement.

I learn that he speaks a little bit of English, which I have Chatroulette denver is Chatroulette denver case with almost every foreigner on Chatroulette. He replies thumbs down. I try to explain that Roulette is a French game and therefore it is unpatriotic for him to not like Chatroulette. He types something to me in French. After staring at the sentence for a moment I try to get to babelfish to decode the message, but he NEXTs me before I ever find out. He asks me if I want to make a bet and I tell him that I very much would like to make that bet. This goes on for several more excruciating minutes. This line of questioning continues for several more excruciating minutes.

I hear laughter from a bunch of girls.

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It seems as dever Chatroulette has become the new popular game to be played at sleepover parties. We talk a little bit about Chatroulette while one particularly annoying girl attempts the chant again in the background. This is her Fucking website no cc to start making fun of me and apparently, I am her outlet. The girls seem pretty bored with me and tell me they are going to move on. The camera is uncomfortably close to her face. Though she speaks a little bit of English we have difficulties communicating.

I Chatroullette out that her name is ShanShan. ShanShan asks me if I do e-mail. I reply that I indeed do e-mail. Chatroulette denver then asks me if we can do friends. Shanshan tells me she dejver the USA which seems to make me Chatrouldtte. In fact, I have never met someone on Chatroulette in a foreign country who said they did not like the USA. Maybe Obama really HAS changed everything. We make a little more small talk. She says that she is excited to talk to a foreigner. I try to start to wrap things up before she asks for Catroulette e-mail again.

It is my hope that someday ShanShan can find a nice foreigner to Chatroulette e-mail with. I can hear him but he types to me because there is too much commotion to hear me. The guy seems to be in a pretty good mood. Everything happens so fast that all I see is a blur. On Chatoulette, that is considered setting yourself up for success. My conversation with Wig Guy is pretty mundane and he seems eager to get rid of me. Before we say goodbye, he pulls out a professional looking still camera. Wig Guy asks me if he could take a picture of me. Wig Guy says he needs to go now but I ask him why he took my picture. Wig Guy says that he is collecting pictures of people on Chatroulette so he can have an album of complete strangers.

Though this is unusual, I find it to be a really interesting idea. How can you do and say whatever you want to people when Wig Guy is putting it all down in his scrap book? If anything, this is more like a slot machine. When you start Chatroulette you pick up your first card. If you like what you see, you keep it for as long as the other person wants to keep you. If not, you and the other person are both thrown into the gigantic discard pile of people who were rejected. The site is both a window out to the rest of the world but also a mirror back into our own.

Once you start, you are forced to decide what to show the world when the webcam light goes on. Do you remain the real you? In addition to the viral buzz, Merton also attracted the public's interest because, well, he looks a hell of a lot like musician Ben Folds — they have the same black framed glasses and rather similar facial structures. Due to rumors that Folds was in fact Merton which the latter denied in an interview with Mashablethe musician created a couple of "Odes to Merton" on YouTube, plugging into Chatroulette during concerts and singing before a packed house and the Internet at large.

Determined to discover whether or not the two were the same dude, we interviewed Folds about the whole deal. After talking with both of them on Skype, I was pretty convinced that they were different people. Still, there are a ton of folks out there who would beg to differ. Well, sorry guys — Folds e-mailed me this weekend to inform me that he had met Merton in person, at which time they created the above vid. So unless they're using some kind of fancy green screen tech, it's safe to say that we can put this story to bed. Merton also shot me an e-mail after showing me the vid, which I'm posting below. If you're not down to read the entire thing short attention spans are an epidemic, huh?

He doesn't plan to ever reveal his identity. Although I'm sure the truth will out someday — probably like some 30 years later, Deep Throat-style, but still Merton Speaks "I live in Colorado and Ben performed in Denver [Saturday] night, so I contacted him and said I'd love to meet in-person if the opportunity arose.